Shri Radharani Temple, Barsana – History

Shri Radharani Temple, Barsana – History

 Vrashbhanupur — Barsana


Radha krishna beautiful images , the divine and pure love

Shri Radharani  Temple is situated in Barsana Dham that is forty three kilometers far from Mathura in UP. On the top of the Bhanugarh peak there’s an impressive temple dedicated to Shriji or Radharani. Shriji is the domestically famous name of Radha rani.
According to the Varah and Padma Puranas, Brahma pleased Shri Krishna at the end of Satya Yug by performing arduous worship.
Pleased with Brahma, Shri Hari taught him, “Go to Brsabhanupura and take the form of a hill there. in this type you may be able to see all Our sweet pastimes.” On top of Brahma-parvat is a temple of Shri Laadli Laal. This temple is claimed to have been truly established by king Vajranabh 5000 years ago. He was the great grandson of Shri krishna and the grandson of Pradyumna. however with the courses of time the deities were lost.
Later Narayan Bhatt, one among the disciples of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu excavated the lost deities within the nearby place and installed them here in this temple.
Ladli means that the beloved girl and Lal means that the beloved son so the temple enshrined with the deities of Lord krishna and Radha is also called Ladli lal Temple.
There is a series of approx. two hundred steps leading to the highest of the Hill to the main gate of the Shriji temple. Down at the foot of those steps, there’s a palace of Vrishabhanu Maharaj, father of Radha.
Inside the grounds there’s a tiny low temple with the deities of Vrishabhanu Maharaj together with his consort Kirtida, together with the deities of his girl Sri Radharani and son Shridama.
Near to this temple there are 2 different smaller shrines. One is of them is devoted to Lord Brahma who is believed to be giving his blessings to individuals going for the view of Shriji temple.
The other shrine is devoted to the eight close friends (sakhis) of goddess Radha and is known as Ashtasakhi Temple.

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