Radha Raman Temple History – Vrindavan

Radha Raman Temple In Property in Vrindavan

In the property in vrindavan Radha Radman ji came in the form of saligram shila which was found by gopal bhatta in Nepal in kali gandak river.

From Saligram Shila, self manifested Hindu deity came out , over five hundred years old heritage temple where standards of worship are highest in property in Vrindavan. Gopal Bhatta Goswami established the Radha Raman Temple. Principles of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu were  followed by six Goswamis of Vrindavan.  Gopal Bhatta was one of them who followed the principles very strictly. Being a beautiful Deity which was self manifested from Saligram Shila have a very beautiful smile on its face. The samadhi of Gopal Bhatta Goswami in Radha Raman Temple is just before to the place where Shri Radha Raman appeared in Radha raman Temple.

In the property in vrindavan Radha Radman ji came in the form of saligram shila which was found by gopal bhatta in Nepal in kali gandak river.

History Of Radha Raman Temple

Gopal Bhatta Goswami felt separation from the Lord when Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu disappeared. To disburden Gopal bhatta lord came in his dream and told him “If you want my darshan then come to Nepal”.

After this dream Gopal Bhatta went to Nepal and bathed in River “Kali Gandaki River” which is very famous river in Nepal. As Gopal started bathing and  dipping his water pot in water shaligram shila came in his pot, Goswami surprised after watching that. Then he start bathing again after dropping aal the shilas back into the river. This happened two times with him and when it happened same on third time and he found twelve saligrams shilas in his pot he understood that this is a signal from Lord. He kept all  shilas and returned back in the property in vrindavan.

After coming back to vrindavan Goswami started worshiping the saligram shilas with full devotion, love and dedication. He kept them in a piece of cloth where ever he goes he takes them with him tied with corner of the cloth. One day a rich seth came in the property in  vrindavan and offered a variety of dresses and ornaments to Goswami for his saligrams. Being in round shape the dresses were not usable for Gopal’s shilas but seth insisted to keep them. Gopal kept the ornaments and dresses and said “Oh lord , You are very Merciful please give me darshan and full fill the desires of your devotees “. I want to serve you in your form , with arms , legs and a blissful smiling face with pretty lotus eyes… If i have deity i would be able to decorate him with these dresses and ornaments.

After sometime in the early morning when Gopal Bhatta returned after taking bath and uncovered the saligram, found Deity of Krishna playing flute. There are now Eleven saligrams and one Deity. The shila which manifested itself in beautiful three-fold bending form of tri-bhangananda-krishna was “Damodara shila”. After the day of Shri Nrisimha chaturdasi this wonderful event happend. On the day of appearence of Radha Raman 500liters of milk and different types of sweets and dishes were dedicated to pleasure the lord. In the whole Brij the Radha Raman Temple in the property in Vrindavan have highest standard of deity.

The diety which Goswami named as “shri Radha Raman ” apperaed on full moon day of vaishaka in 1542. Vrinda Devi and Shri Radha Raman are the original deities in the property in vrindavan. In the compound of the temple near Nidhuvan Kunj Shri Radha Raman ji being worshiped in the property in  Vrindavan.

Radha Raman Temple Timings


Mangala Arati :          4:00am
Darshan:                  08:00am to 12:30pm
Evening Darshan:     6pm – 8pm (18:00 – 20:00 hrs)



Mangala Arati         : 05:30am
Darshan                    : 08:00am – 12:30pm
Evening darshan    : 6pm – 8pm (18:00 – 20:00 hrs)







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