Property in Vrindavan Will Spark This Janmashtmi

300 PVC LED’s will lit up the property in vrindavan.

property in mathura and vrindavan attaining high rate. and now PVC Led will be placed in property of mathura and vrindavan

This year on the occasion of Janmashtmi the property in Vrindavan and mathura will lit up with 300 PVC LED’s. These lights will be placed over Major Temples, Shri Krishna Birthplace , Intersections and on bus stands. Shri Krishna Birthplace Gate has already been lit up with this PVC LED light.

This year corporation has decided to shine the property of mathura and vrindavan with these PVC led’s. The main gate of Shri Krishna’s Birth place is looking very attractive because of addition on new 30 PVC LED’s which are placed so well at bottom of already placed LED’s and it look like spiral which is so attractive that put up 4 moon on the property in vrindavan. Similarly Janmabhoomi to Bhooteshwar Intersection , Bhooteshwar to New Bus Stand , State Bank and Roof Gate all will lit up by the PVC Led’s.

Property in Vrindavan.

In Vrindavan , These PVC LED’s will be placed in the middle of Banke Bihari Temple. And on the dividers of other temples also these lights will be installed.¬† The main reason behind installing of these lights in the property of mathura-vrindavan is to make the places attractive at night and make the city more safe and more secure.

These lights are being placed on poles already placed between dividers. This upcoming  Janmastmi will bring spark to the city and make it very attractive and very beautiful.

As development is getting speed in Mathura , Vrindavan, Barsana , Chhata the rates of property is also increasing at high speed. It is the best time to buy or invest in Property in Vrindavan and Property in Barsana. And is the first company to provide any king of property in 84kos (252 km ) BRIJ


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