Property In Vrindavan VS Property in Delhi

Property in Vrindavan v/s Property in Delhi

Property in vrindavan is best than property in delhi beacuse of these four reasons. VS Property in vrindavan is best than property in delhi beacuse of these four reasons.


There are many points that how the Property in Vrindavan defeats the Property in Delhi. As Delhi was announced as  as the capital of India in 1911, the development in the area got a super hike which leads to many pros and cons. Same is the case of Vrindavan. As government of Uttar Pardesh headed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced Mathura Vrindavan as Pilgrim centers the development has increased with a super speed. In a recent speech CM said that Development of Brij will be on a good speed.  And according to the survey this is the Best time to invest money to buy property in vrindavan over property in Delhi.

Property in Vrindavan v/s Delhi:

  • Rates

As Delhi is the Capital of India the rates of property are so much that it is not easy or it can be said that it is near to impossible to buy property in Delhi for a middle class family or little bit less from middle class family. But Buying Property in Vrindavan is so easy and so affordable that no one can think. 84KOS.COM is providing NoCostEMI’s where the buyer have to pay the exact amount of plot nothing more then it. Anyone can buy  Property in vrindavan at no interest EMI’s at very low cost of plots in vrindavan.

  • Pollution

Vrindavan alone have 12 Major forest where there are only trees and greenery is found which makes the Enviroment pure, clean and pollution free which are the main benefits to buy property in vrindavan. Where as in Delhi every year a new record is broken regarding increase in pollution.And people suffer from more sever diseases due to pollution.Property in Vrindavan is free from water pollution, noise pollution, air pollution but Delhi is not that much safe in field of pollution.

  • Traffic issues

As Delhi is very populated place thats why there is a huge traffic on roads which cause traffic jams , increase pollution harm people. Due to traffic jams many lives cannot be saved due to which many families have to suffer alot. But in vrindavan there is no such issue and management in Property in vrindavan is also very good because it is a pilgrim center and due to which people prefer walking over driving. Which reduces the traffic on roads , less accidents , less pollution and more management of roads.

  •  Future scope

Buying property in Delhi is good example of investment but buying property in vrindavan is best example because Delhi is already a developed area that why the rates and demand are  high buy vrindavan is developing now and in low budget anyone can buy a good and better property as compared to Delhi. Property in vrindavan is having good demand because of huge numbers of pilgrims visit here and want to live there life in pure and clean area.


It is the best time to invest in property in vrindavan because demand is becoming high in this area which can easily generate more revenue as it is the matter of property ,and property involves a good amount amount of so think and invest your money.


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