Film Actor In Vrindavan

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This Bollywood actor was found in worshiping in Temples of Vrindavan and people was unable to recognize him for few minutes later he was identified as Bollywood actor who usually found in playing roles of villians.But by nature he is very kind and good hearted person.


Bollywood actor actor rahul dev found in temples of vrindavan

 Rahul Dev

Rahul Dev reached Holy land of Vrindavan on monday where he worshiped in  Thakur BankeBihari Mandir. After this he went to other temples of vrindavan also.

Rahul Dev is famous for playing role of Raj Guru in the movie “The Legend of Bhagat singh “, also for playing roles of rich gangster in many movies .On monday he was found in Vrindavan Temple and later he was having fun in market of the Vrindavan and exploring the town in Autorickshaw. 

He said on the holy  property in vrindavan – devotion, spirituality, religion is found on the every step at this place.As Rahul is very fond of shoping, after worshiping fans caught him doing shoping in the market of vrindavan , then they took selfies with him which are hiting on social media platforms.

rahul dev taking selfies in the property in vrindavan

Not Only Rahul dev but many Bollywood actors , cricketers , superstars of different field are found having fun at property in Vrindavan , Mathura and Barsana.

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