Decoration Started In Property In Vrindavan

Property In Vrindavan Will Shine More When Shree Krishna Takes Birth Twice This Janmashtmi.

property in vrindavan will become more pure and holy when krishna will take birth twice .

Janmashtmi is the one of most important festival of India which is celebrated with great revelry.On this day lord krishna was born in the Mathura. Temples are decorated very beautifully , Many people have fast on this day. And they worship at night then the open their fast. On this day people go to temples and swing Bal Gopal with joy.On this day each and every property in vrindavan is beautifully decorated.

This Janmashtmi Lord Shree Krishna will take birth twice in Property of Vrindavan Mathura, due to which security has been increased so that the event can take place successfully , safely. On this day Foreigners also comes in huge crowd so to make event successful  , proper security arrangement has started.

rates are going to increase of property in vrindavan at this janmashtmi

From two times:

One time Krishna will take birth in Mallapur Temple On 2 sept 2018 , And on the same day Janmashtmi will take place in keshavdev Temple also. And On 3 sept 2018 Janmashtmi will be celebrated at birth place of shree krishna. The people living in Mathura Vrindavan started preparations and decorating their property in Vrindavan and mathura . The teples have already started preparations for janamashtmi.

Mallapur is named on the malls of Mama Kans.Temple of lord krishna is also established in this area. According to local residents  Dupperkalin Jail is also there.

Schedule of Keshvadev Temple.

7 PM- 12PM  Bajan Sandhiya

10PM – 11PM  Abhishek

12PM – 1AM  Janam Darshan.

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